Demon Blade #1


Angry, rebellious, 16, and just all around hating the world. That is how Sabrina is when she wakes one day to find out that she has just become the new possessor of the family secret. An ancient power past down through the generations and making it’s way to America by way of the slave trade. She only has a short time to learn it’s potential and how to control it before she, herself, will be hunted down like many of her ancestors. Killed by beings older than the earth, who wish to regain the lost power and reshape the universe to destroy all life. Sabrina has just become all of creations last hope. Did I leave out that she is about to lose her boyfriend?  We’re screwed…

Written and illustrated by David Dace
24pgs|Adult|Action/Horror/Fantasy|Full Color|PDF download (9MB)


Sold By: Dace Studios


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