Peep Game Comix is a web portal showcasing the work of African American creators (authors, artists, publishers).  We want to do our part in educating African American comic book fans about the wealth of creative work by our people.

Our ultimate goal is to become an exclusive online distributor of African American digital comic books from independent and mainstream publishers.

The internet has democratized several of the production and distribution barriers people of color face in the comic book industry. Peep Game hopes to use this technology to elevate up and coming African American creators, reintroduce old school creations, and rejuvenate the African American fan base.

Of course we’ll naturally geek out about our favorite black sci-fi characters, movies, and more, but we’ll be primarily focused on comic books.

Our blog posts will be informative as well as entertaining.  We’ll be tracking down our most promising artists to see what their up to in our Artist Corner. We’ll be reviewing and featuring some of our favorite books, characters and publishers as well.

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