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Welcome to ONLI STUDIOS! "If your are looking for creativity, you have come to the right place!" We appreciate your participation!

ONLI STUDIOS, LLC.  established in 1981 has been a publisher of indie Graphic Novels, 'zines,

and Comic Books along with Rhythmistic Fine Art & Illustrations.

It produced the first and oldest indie Black Age of Comics Convention in Chicago in 1993.  Prof. Turtel Onli, M.A.A.T. started as a major market illustrator /fine artist with clients such as Motown, P-Funk, Capital Records, Playboy and Ebony Jr.

While working in Paris in the late '70s the great artist and co-founder of Humanoids Associes / Metal Hurlant / Heavy Metal, asked him, "Why are you trying to make money here instead of in America?" This is when Onli decided to return to Chicago and expand his operation from that of freelance illustration to production and publishing.

His passion for comix along with his being a part of the late '60s Black Cultural Revolution led him to coin the term, "The Black Age of Comics".  This celebrates stories, concepts, styles, and art derived from the Black, Urban, African and Indie experience.  This functions as a genre and movement of creativity, culture & commerce.

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