Jean-Paul Deshong

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Jean-Paul Deshong is the creator of Sons of Fate. A professional artist who has published books for Dynamite Entertainment ( Damsels [Mermaids]), Zenescope Entertainment (Grimm Fairy Tales, Neverland, Tales from Neverland, Dreamweaver/ Neverland crossover), Image Comics ( Hack n Slash), Arch Enemy Entertainment ( Big Bad Wolf) via USA Today , as well and Dark Horse comics (Dream Thief). Co-created, drew and colored an independent book Goddammit Baby, this is Soul, which was successfully funded as a Kickstarter project  Sons of Fate (Origins) is a solo outing and self published book.

Sons of Fate (Origins) is a labor of love.  The contribution to the medium, and the tribute to the comics I  have read and loved. Books that affected me as well as influenced my creativity.

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