Peep Game was so happy when we were approached by one of our favorite blogs, Super Heroes in Color to be a part of their Indiegogo campaign.

SuperheroesInColor is dedicated to racial and cultural diversity in comic books and related mediums (TV, film, games etc.).  SuperheroesInColor showcases people of color as heroes, fully-realized characters; they celebrate their often-overlooked adventures, creators and histories. They see the cultural differences in characters as opportunities to educate trough the comic medium.

As a part of their Indiegogo campagin, Peep Game has donated several digital comics as well as a special Peep Game $50 tier package!

They’re only THREE $50 packages available!  Please help our friends at SuperheroesInColor meet their goal by purchasing one of these packages.  They are already at 75% with about 30 days left!

Check out the video.

Find more info HERE.