Robert Garret

Robert Garret

ROBERT GARRETT is a Writer, Creator, Co-Publisher, and Producer currently based in New Jersey. He has written and produced a host of comic books under his Xmoor Studios banner, creating several Intellectual Properties such as GALTOW, SEIZE ASYLUM, TOOL-BOI, AJALA A SERIES OF ADVENTURES, and the series INHERITORS. Robert recently published his first fantasy fiction novella ‘THE HOUSE OF GALES”. A student of the arts he has studied various writing and creative mediums while moving forwards with several screenplays such as “VINTAGE VAMP” a noire Thriller. Robert has a goal to expand into the multimedia regions of film and television, and is also develop-ing an animation branch for Xmoor Studios with its first title “BLACK EARTH” being developed into a potential international toy and multi-media brand.


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January 4, 2015