Abdul H. Rashid

Abdul H. Rashid

A native of Flint, MI, Abdul Rashid is a graphic illustrator, creator, and developer of intellectual properties that focus in the genres of sci-fi, action-adventure and horror. His work is featured in a comic book series distributed by MARVEL, and he is currently collaborating with various creative studios in New York and California on other genre related projects.

Being a freelance for the past 5 years, Mr. Rashid has worked to develop stories and concepts that contribute to a wider and broader expansion of an imaginative universe in the industry.

Striving to push this initiative further, and making more diverse characters that represent the multi-cultural society, Mr. Rashid works to develop more “iconic-level” characters that enhances the reach mythology within the industry. At the same time, being from the Mid-West, AHRV will work to add to the growing surge of creative output coming from that region of the country.

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