Anthony “Antboi” Piper (Blk Ant)

Anthony “Antboi” Piper (Blk Ant)

Anthony “Antboi” Piper (Blk Ant) is a self-taught Chicago based illustrator & designer. Being a lover of video games, comics, cartoons, manga and hip-hop, he’s focused his career on providing illustration and design work for companies and artists in these particular industries.

He also has a passion for advertising and marketing, and is highly conscious when it comes to aligning his illustrative style in accordance to his client’s “brand” in order to adapt and create a unique look for their product and marketing campaign.

He received the Glyph Comics Award for Best Cover of 2014, for his cover work on Terminus Media’s Route 3 #2.

Anthony is the creator of the popular Trill League, and his numerous credits/client list includes the IDW Comics published Blaze Brothers series and FOX TV’s Animation Domination High-Def where he currently works as a character designer.


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December 28, 2014