The Unsub Garden #0


21 years ago   F.B.I. special Agent  Gatt Wilson was called in to investigate a very strange case of mass murder or maybe just criminal negligence at Gilf Memorial Hospital & Coma Center.   The task is made harder due to the lack of witnesses.  As he  discovers that the entire night shift  is dead.  And the normally comatose and bedridden patients have now somehow arisen and shuffle about like animated corpses.  Soon afterward all of the zombie like residents were accounted for except one.  A mysterious old man with no name on record, a man known only as Patient 291.  And now he’s gone.    Join us as the seeds born that night decades ago …start to sprout and bloom into a deadly adventure in the present… in The Unsub garden.

Written and Illustrated by G.Walker Teon

Sold By: Generate Comix


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