The Sword Is My Lady: Young Gun


It’s Ascendant’s day and the streets of Fey are alive with revelry. Many from all corners of the city-state have come to catch a glimpse of the man most presume to be the next high king of Elutheria. Where the lights are dim, however, deadly plots have been set into motion. A killer watches and waits for the perfect opportunity to strike and the only one who can stop him is a young boy, in over his head, wielding a “pop gun”.

Read the final prologue issue of “The Sword is my Lady. The Lady is my Sword.” as it introduces you to the precocious Shell Bala.

Written and Illustrated by Malik Shabazz

53 pgs|Action/Adventure/Adult| PDF download (13.2MB)| Full Color

Sold By: Night M.A.I.R.S.


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