The Power Knights: Unbounded #1 (Peep Game Special Edition)


Pawns of a tyrannical king, The Dark Six were forced to use their special powers to wage war on hundreds of worlds in the outer universe.  Through mysterious intervention, they are reawakened on Earth, free of the king’s grip. They vow to not interfere with the affairs of mankind. However, one of the six sees the Earth as his new kingdom to rule and breaks his vow to become a god. Inspired by a boy named Kandle, the remaining five, Metal Star, Bluzara, Dragon Blaze, Camouflage and Princess Raxi form The Power Knights in hopes of
redemption and to defend mankind against imminent doom.

This Peep Game Special edition includes:

  • An Exclusive Varient Cover
  • Standard Issue Art of Keithan Jones
  • A Special Preview of Issue 2 of Power Knights!

Written and Illustrated by Keithan Jones
Published by Kid Comics

34pgs|Action/Super Hero|Full Color|PDF download (7.08MB)


Sold By: Kid Comics


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