The Power Knights #2 Unbounded: Paranoia

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Writer / Creator, Keithan Jones and Co-Writer C.R. Ward brings The Ultimate Urban Science Fiction Action Adventure! The Power Knights saga continues.

32pgs|Action/Super Hero|Full Color|PDF (31MB)

Sold By: Kid Comics


Davion Watson is fighting to stay alive, when he warns his younger brother Kandle, about Marcus Krain, a very powerful business man in the city of, New Angeles. Davion has discovered that Krain, is not a man at all, but some kind of super powered being with nefarious intentions for the world. Davion and Kandle are trapped by Krain’s henchmen, when they are suddenly rescued by Dragon Blaze, a creature from outer space who informs them that, Marcus Krain is actually a dangerous, and powerful warrior known as, Warseed.

Dragon Blaze, performs an operation known as an exo-graph, to save Davion from imminent death. The operation gives him paranormal strength and hypersensitivity. Unfortunately, it also makes him a ticking time bomb, due to the two micro-nuclear reactors that are fitted into his shoulders. This puts him on the edge of insanity.


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