The Power Knights #1 Unbounded: Crossroads

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An Urban Science Fiction Action Adventure! A story of Betrayal and Redemption. The love between two brothers is tested when their world is turned upside down by beings from beyond.

Written and Illustrated by Keithan Jones
Published by Kid Comics

32pgs|Action/Super Hero|Full Color|PDF download (39MB)

Sold By: Kid Comics


King Sinoj wanted to control all things in life. All worlds. In order to feed this insatiable hunger for power he needed the ultimate army. The sorceress Uvey, with her undying loyalty to the King cast a spell on the greatest warriors across the galaxy to use their unique abilities to conquer worlds for the KIng. These five warriors are, METAL STAR, BLUZARA, DRAGON BLAZE, CAMOUFLAGE, WARSEED, and the King’s own daughter, PRINCESS OZANA RAXI!

Eventually they broke the spell and defeated the King. However, they were not absolved of the pain and suffering they inflicted across the many worlds of the Elo System. Sent into a blackhole they were expected to die for their crimes, but through mysterious circumstance, they came through the other side. Now they find themselves on Earth, free of the wicked spell that forced them to be the tyrants they were. A pact is made between them to not interfere with mankind and to live quiet lives. Unfortunately, Warseed decides otherwise. His plans to have Earth be his new kingdom forces the remaining Knights to emerge from the shadows to stop him. In the crossfire, are Kandle and Davion Watson, two Earth boys whose lives are changed forever.

Read The Power Knights saga to find out their fate!