The Origins of Dreadlocks


The Company of Gods have come together in search of an answer to the Universes unbalancing and why it has become unbalanced. The Gods knowing that they cannot intervene in what the causes are for this imbalance, decides on creating a Hero to bring balance to the universe. This hero must be born of human flesh then sacrificed to the Gods themselves. This child is born as a stillborn child who has to be offered to the Gods. Once the spirit is in the company of the Gods it is taught through the different stages (Neteru: cosmic forces) until khnum molds it into a physical being. The physical being has now become known as Dreadlocks (Samiu: the God with the sacred hair).

Created by Andre Batts

20pgs|Action/Super Hero/Fantasy|Full Color|PDF Download (4MB)

Sold By: Urban Style Comics


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