Swag Patrol #1


Swag Patrol is a team of 3 ordinary teens with extraordinary powers from Kongo City who fight to defend the city from criminals, super powered villains and the dangerous crime lord, Lucius Jackson. The team is made up of a brother, Rashad Carter (aka K-Swag), his sister, Mya Carter (aka Mindset), and their cousin, Chris Lowery (aka Blaze). They received their powers when Rashad went to get his mp3 player from his science teacher, Dr. Tre, and knocked over chemicals from an experiment that spilled on them, thus granting them powers they couldn’t even imagine.
Rashad and Mya lost their dad, a prosecutor, at a young age and now it’s just them with their mom, Leila, and their cousin Chris, who lives with them while his parents travel around the world as doctors. With the help of Dr. Tre and Rashad’s friend, Lawrence, Swag Patrol is always there to help defend the citizens of Kongo City.

Created by Rubyn Warren II
Written by Rubyn Warren II, Gabe Smith, and Vince White
Illustrated by Gabe Smith and Mark Marvida

26pgs|Action/Superhero|Full Color|PDF (65MB)

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