Sons of Fire #1


In the city of New Jericho, the people are stubbornly religious and have forgotten those in need, while the disenfranchised must resort to extreme measures to survive. Out of the chaos two champions are called to make it all right. Donovan “The Bishop” Jackson and Nathan “Deacon” Green are two men who have answered that call. They’ve been given the Armor of God and mighty weapons from a mysterious fire calling itself “The Flame”. The Flame has tasked them with one directive…Protect the Church. Follow the duo in their journey to make sense of their new-found power, question what they’ve been taught, and do battle with sinister forces unlike any they’ve faced!

The Sons of Fire is the first action-packed original story from Fully Armored Productions.

Creator / Writer: Keith Jackson Jr.
Pencils: Dino Paulo Ago
Inker / Colorist: Jeffery Carr

29pgs|Spiritual Fantasy/Action|Full Color|PDF download (29.2MB)

Sold By: Fully Armored Productions


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