Sons of Fate: Origins


It is the beginnings of the Tokugawa Shogunate.Having suppressed the constant rebellions of the nations and the end of the warring states, the nation now sets its sights on expanding their influence throughout the rest of the world. General Daiki Jinjaku, is commissioned to lead a small fleet seaward in order to gain new trade routes, and charter waterways to new lands. The general,having the utmost pride for his role for his nation,triumphantly goes forth leaving behind his beloved wife and young son Omo.

Omo, wanting to grow up in the honorable ways of his father, he dedicates his time in order to reach the level of his father the great General Daiki Jinjaku, Daiki, promises his son before he leaves, to one day return to his homeland,and see the pride of Japan his son has become.Many years later, on their way back to Japan,from their mission of expansion, the samurai are overwhelmed by obstacles obscuring their way home.

This mission, almost from the onset,is met with great catastrophe and most of the fleet is lost. Eventually, only Daiki reaches mainland as the only survivor, and manages to settle in this new foreign land where he is now stranded. That land is Africa. From the onset of the mission, Daiki has not understood the tragedy in his life. With his failures, far outweighing his success’, his only option is to press forward.

Daiki has tried to understand his part in the hand fate has dealt him. Finally, he realizes that he is not abandoned by fate, but embraced by it: He was meant to get to this point. impressed upon by his savior, a native child Daiki decides to take him on as an apprentice, and to train him as a samurai.In doing so, teaches the boy all he knows. He does this as a tribute to his son: A son, now a man, he knows he may never see again.

Created by Jean-Paul Deshong

106 pgs | Action/Manga| PDF download (14.0 MB)| Full Color

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