Sankofa Guard #1


300 years from now, after the Oil Age and the Solar Age, the mastery of fusion energy catapulted the human race into a true Space Age. Led by the 5 Nations, the infinite frontier of space provided mankind with inexhaustible amounts of resources, fortune and adventure.

After 2 generations of relative peace, the 5 Nations mutually dissolved their militaries to devote personnel and resources to the more profitable ventures of space exploration and technology. However, a team of highly trained peacekeepers and first responders are still needed when action is required. In New Africa, they are known as The Sankofa Guard.

Brought to you by James Wheeler III (founder of Onyxcon) and James “Mase” Mason
Story and Art by: Mase
Poem by Ced Pharoah

19pgs|SciFi/AfroFuturism|Color Cover, (B&W story)|PDF Download(9.42MB)

Sold By: Urban Shogun


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