R-Squared: Vol 1. First Blood (FREE)


Michael Crossaint AKA Cross is a ghost assassin for America’s deadliest and secretive government agency, R-Squared. With one hand dipped in blood and the other hand grasping the American flag, Cross swore an allegiance to protect this country from all known enemies. But when R-Squared killed his family they made it personal. Now the country’s most dangerous assassin is on the loose seeking vengeance and they’re going to need someone to protect them from one of their very own.

Collecting issues 1-5 of R-Squared.  Supplemental material includes scripts, character profiles, and fighting style references.

Creator/Writer: Alverne Ball
Artist: Cliff Cob
203 pgs | Adult, Action/Adventure | PDF download | Black and White
Sold By: Arion
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