P.B.Soldier Episode 2.0 The New Revolution


P.B.Soldier (Nat Cummings) goes to Bacua in order to assassinate the new President only to find more trouble than he bargained for.

Written by Naseed Gifted
Illustrated by Abel Garcia

29 pgs|Action/Sci-Fi| PDF download (5.32MB)| Full Color

Sold By: PBS Media


Ten years after the signing of the Patriot Act in 2001, the U.S. government formed alliances with United Kingdom and China later known as the Establishment (the E ) and launched a worldwide campaign against terrorism known as the ‘Terrorist Act of 2011’. Every citizen in the world is assigned a Terror Threat Level and these levels are categorized by race and class.

The year now is 2020 and P.B.Soldier (the world’s top hacker) is a highly trained assassin who discovers how his past, present has a direct impact on his future. He must devise a plan to dethrone his employer (Mr. Ahmen) the head of the Program dubbed the ‘Assassin’s Guild’.


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