Matty’s Rocket Book 1 (Chapters 1-3)


Join Space Pilot Matty Watty as she takes on Flying Saucers, Aliens, and Southern Heat, in this Retro-Futuristic Adventure!  Take Fritz Lang’s ‘Metropolis’ and mix in a bit of ‘Buck Rogers’ and ‘Flash Gordon,’  Finally, add Lena Horne and the cast of ‘Stormy Weather’ and you’ve got Matty’s Rocket.  This 120 page graphic novel collects Matty’s Rocket issues 1-3 with a 12 page Epilogue, special guest appearances, and behind the scenes exposes.  Creator Tim Fielder takes this ongoing graphic novel series into a beautifully painted style that fully delivers cinematic power.

—Junot Díaz, Pulitzer Prize-winning author says;  “Matty’s Rocket is just superb.”  Introduction by John Jennings.

Written and Illustrated by John Jennings

123pgs|Sci Fi/Afrofuturism/Graphic Novel/Trade|Full Color|PDF Download (86MB)

Sold By: Dieselfunk Studios


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