Malice in Ovenland


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Lilly Brown is an irresistible lead character. An intelligent, dedicated and willful girl from Queens, Brown is just the type of character who excels in a “fish out of water” type tale, which Malice in Ovenland most certainly is.

The basic set-up for the story is that it is summer and while all of her friends are away at camp or doing some sort of other summer vacation, Lilly is stuck at home taking care of her mother’s organic garden. To add insult to injury, Lilly’s mother had to go away this weekend, leaving Lilly all alone with a list of chores. Including, most importantly, scrubbing the oven.

And thus we get our introduction to Ovenland.

Written and Illustrated by Micheline Hess

Published by Roarium Publishing

Sold By: Rosarium Publishing


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