Hotshot #2


It is said that a person finds out who they really are in college. With the weight of newly discovered super powers, Mike has more to figure out than the average scholarship student at the Columbus College of Art and Design. The world’s population of “extra humans” vanished in the “Zero Event” and new threats are beginning to arise. Someone has to help. Someone needs to step in and fill the void. Society is in dire need of a new age of Extras. Locked in a deadly battle and his ex-girlfriend caught in the middle how will Hotshot/Mike save her, the city and himself?!??

Writer: Victor Dandridge
Illustrator: Michael Watson
Inks: Robert Gant
Colors: Ryan Carter
Letters & Postproduction: Victor Dandridge and Michael Watson
Cover Art: Michael Watson

27 pgs | Teen/Superhero| PDF download (7 MB)| Full Color


Sold By: Freestyle Komics


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