Project: Geisha Graphic Novel (Issues #1 and #2)


Emily Tanaka was forever changed when she was a child. As the result of a childhood trauma, Emily is to live under the Custody of her aunt Obasan Sae Tanaka, the head of a geisha martial arts facility for girls. Emily eventually trains to become The Geisha, a femme fatale of double bladed fury. As The Geisha, she is looking for a missing District Attorney's son which leads her to face a villain that opens her mind to corners of her pasts,…and a death cannon.

This graphic novel consists of over forty pages of stunning fully colored art. Collecting two issues of the series into one amusing read, Project Geisha is both drawn and written by Eli Ivory.

Created by Eli Ivory
Published by Ivory Comics
50 pgs|Action/Super Hero| PDF download 18.8MB)| Full Color

Sold By: Ivory Comics


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