Demon Blade Issue 2

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Sabrina’s life changing adventure continues. At the back to school bonfire Sabrina’s run in with Nate revealed to her that she was going through some “supernatural” changes. Unbeknownst to her others have figured this out as well. ┬áHer mother is back (after faking her death) and she is joined by her grandmothers, now it is an all out scramble to protect her from the oncoming danger.

Written and Illustrated by David Dace
25pgs|Horror/Sci-Fi|Full Color|PDF (40mb)

Sold By: Dace Studios

1 review for Demon Blade Issue 2

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    This is Brian A. Madrid, comic book reader and promoter at Love David’s story of Demon Blade. Its a thriller in the Bayou. Go read it!

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