Celflux: Reluctant Heroes #2


Celflux is a superhero, sci-fi, fantasy, action-adventure, about OKIRA. A young, benevolent, kind-hearted priestess who becomes the involuntary leader of a disjointed group of strangers. They wake up one day in a remote lab without any memory of how they got there, or what happened to them. They must begin a journey of trying to find the answers to those questions, and this task is made difficult not only because of the fact that they have conflicting personalities and prejudices, but also because they are relentlessly pursued by a powerful group with a global agenda. To get the answers they seek,they must endure great loss, and when they do get the answers, they realize that they have to make a choice. A choice that will cost them everything, and whose outcome will determine the fate of their planet. The book examines themes that range from the possible link between science and spirituality and the next stage of man’s evolution.

Written, Edited by: Dixie Ann Elizabeth Archer-McBain
Illustrated by: Everad J. McBain Jr.

44pgs|12+|Action/Sci Fi/Fantasy|Full Color|PDF download (14MB)

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