BPX #1


This is a story about over coming adversity when life never hands a easy path to you.

A young boy, 15-years-old, is sent to prison.   He’s sentenced to ten years in the hole for killing the warden’s cousin in self defense. Carl
is put in the deepest darkest dungeon in the prison, where he is beaten and starved.  He would be placed in a cell beside a forgotten martial arts master and taught for 9 years a brutal style with no name or origin.

Carl now 25 has been chosen by warden Alverez to be the next candidate for the cyber-tek super soldier project: Operation Burning Phoenix.

After a daring escape, Carl is found by a blind woman who has dreamed of their prophecy together all her life.  Carl Jones has nothing but revenge in his heart and a alien ready to destroy the world in his body and his brain.

Created by Terrence Moore

Teen 15+|Action/Super Hero/Sci-Fi| Full Color|PDF download (12MB)

Sold By: BPX Comics


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