Arclight Comics Issue #0 – The Passing


“…by the end of Issue #0, we are left wondering what’s coming next. The team from Arclight Comics has created a gem.” — Bob Salley

This is the start of the Arclight Universe, and a point of no return for you. The world is changing. You’d like to believe super powers would lead you to become a superhero, but what happens when your humanity gets in the way? What is the ultimate cost and sacrifice of holding onto such powerful gifts? You’ll soon explore those stories, but first you must see what’s happened in the past that’ll ultimately determine the future in Arclight Comics Issue #0 – The Passing.

“From the gate it sucks you in…anyone reading this will be able to relate because of how human and earthly the characters are.” — Carl Bratcher

writer Ed Williams
artist Miguel Angel Ruiz
colorist Tim Wasney
cover artist Carlos Amaral
Copyright :2016 Arclight Comics, Inc.

21 pgs | 13+|Teen/Superhero| PDF download (10.0 MB)| Full Color

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