Arclight Comics PRESENTS: Issue #0 – The Passing

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What happens to our world if we wake up tomorrow with superpowers subjected and controlled by our individual human nature and desires? Discover the answers by uncovering the mythos and events that will launch the start of the Arclight Universe.

Writer/Creator | Ed Williams
Illustrator |  Miguel A. Ruiz
Color Artist | Tim Wasney
Cover Artist | Carlos Amaral

Sold By: Arclight Comics

1 review for Arclight Comics PRESENTS: Issue #0 – The Passing

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    As someone who doesn’t usually buy comics issue-by-issue and decides to wait instead for a collection or anthology to be released, I was acting a bit out of my element when I picked up Issue #0 from Arclight, but at just $4, I couldn’t pass up on the unique storytelling of Ed Williams. I can say with absolute certainty that my $4 was well-spent.

    The comic itself is 27 pages cover-to-cover (this includes cover, foreword, credits, etc.), with 21 pages being full-spread panel work.

    Right off the bat, the comic hooked me with a gorgeous full-page establishing shot, and it became immediately apparent that Arclight knew their stuff.
    I won’t go into much detail, in order to avoid potential spoilers, but I will say that the next 2 pages do not pull any punches, and really sets the overall tone for the rest of the comic.

    A few pages in, there is a series of rapid-fire introductions for several minor (but impressive, nonetheless) characters. This part really impressed me with Arclight’s technical expertise in their craft. The panels are arranged really dynamically, with a number of subtle but noticeable panel breaks that really help avoid the pitfall of 4-corner panel monotony that a lot of young comic ventures fall victim to.

    Another awesome quality that I noticed in this area is the vibrancy of the art itself. Many comics will often pigeonhole themselves by sticking to a single palette, or simply throw a drab color overlay on a page to avoid simple black-and-white, but Arclight did a fantastic job of using color to keyframe specific objects, specifically using golds and purples.
    Complementing that is the wonderful cel-shading and hatching techniques used throughout the comic, both of which play really well with the specific lighting used in several scenes.

    The plot moves pretty quick, but not so quick that you have to double back just to figure out what’s going on. There are several excellent establishing shots and lettering panels which help keep you grounded in the realm while still moving the story from place to place.
    There is an area in the comic where I felt a bit of a disconnect, but I’m chalking that up to me just being a straight white male. I don’t face harassment, I don’t leave my house fearing for my life, and I don’t have the problems that marginalized groups have to live with every day, but I think my privilege actually spins this tale into a message that can be used as a teaching moment for people who don’t understand what being in the minority is like.

    All in all, I’m very happy with this issue, and I can’t wait to see where Ed and the gang take this project, I’ll definitely be picking the next one up!

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