Peep Game Comix, a digital comic book platform dedicated to the work of African American creators (authors, artists, publishers) is making a year-end push to extend their catalog to 52 comic books by January first; a milestone that would represent an African American created comic book for every week of the year.
Peep Game, which launched in May, now carries 40 titles representing 15 African American creators and 8 Black owned publishers.
They are currently looking for Black independent creators with comic books that may appeal to a primarily urban audience. Especially titles by African American Women and kid-friendly, all ages books.
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Although the site is in its first year, the concept has gotten the attention of many award winning Black comic book creators such as Jason Reeves, Dawud Anyabwile, Victor Dandrige and Deron Bennett.
With the help of friend Bill Campell and Rosarium Publishing, Peep Game was the first retailer to distribute, John Jennings’ “Kid Code Channel Zero” #1, this past September.
Imani Lateef, the owner of Peep Game, still sees enormous potential in targeting the “Black Geek” and urban community directly.
“Although the Black comic book fan base is growing, they are still under-served by mainstream publishers,” he says. “At the same time, there seems to be a disconnect between black consumers and black comic book creators who have quality work that could satisfy this market.”
Peep Game Comix has begun to bridge that gap by becoming an intricate part of a growing online community of black geeks, black comic book enthusiasts, and readers interested in diversity in literature.