On the one-year anniversary of our launch, Peep Game Comix is proud to announce that we now carry over 100 digital comic books created by African-American writers, illustrators and publishers.

Of the 100 titles in their catalog, Peep Game carries Glyph Award Nominees, Glyph Award Winners, and an Eisner Winner.

“We owe all of our success to the talented creators who have trusted us with their work,” explains owner Imani Lateef. “The Black Indie movement has been so supportive of what we’ve tried to build here. We can’t thank them enough.”

Comic book creators, in turn, have given Peep Game impressive reviews.

Robert Jeffrey II of Terminus Media says, “Peep Game Comix has become an invaluable resource in Terminus Media’s goal of spreading quality comics to existing and future fans. Personally, as a creator and a fan, I’m extremely hyped to know Peep Game Comix exists. Because the comics industry, and potential readers as a whole need an outlet/ distributor like this.”

2015 Glyph Award Nominee Tim Fielder states, “Peep Game Comix offers a loud and confident flag in the new distribution stream, while also paving an enlightened path for sequential creators of color. Peep game is as much a necessity as it is a wonderful pleasure.”

In honor of their one year anniversary, Peep Game will be offering store-wide discounts, contests and other offers all month long.

Peep Game continues to look for Black independent creators with comic books that may appeal to a primarily urban audience. Especially titles by African American Women and kid-friendly, all ages books.

For submission guidelines and terms visit Peepgamecomix.com/submission-guidelines.