We created the Peep Game 52 Pick Up in an effort to educate African-American comic book fans about the wealth of creative work by our people. We’ve made a pledge to purchase, review and share a different African-American comic book, artist or publisher every week, for 52 weeks via email and our blog.

Our very first featured book is Victor Dandridge’s  The Trouble With Love! Illustrated by Harold Edge and Ryan Carter.

The basic premise of the book: Apex Prime, one of the GREATEST heroes of Earth, had a wife and a family…and then he fell in love.  Now, he must explain how truly human he is to the one person who should know it best — his own son.

Brian Cronin of Comicbookresources.com said: It’s a complicated tale with a powerful ending filled with strong artwork from Edge and Carter. It’s a story well-worth picking up.

Pick it up HERE. Find more Vantage: Inhouse titles right here at Peep Game Comix!


Victor Dandridge is a Glyph-Nominated American comic creator from Columbus, OH, best known for his 8-bit/pixel art work, as well as being a new voice for innovation and production within the self-publishing market.  Launching his own publishing imprint, Vantage:Inhouse Productions, Victor creates exciting properties for readers of all ages and tastes.