A blast of cold air and snow! LMAO. But I enjoyed myself nontheless.

Special shout out to Joseph Williams III, Landy Sankofa, James Mason (Urban Shogun) and all of the vendors that participated in Onyxcon Sanfofa 2015.  An extra, extra special shout out goes to my boy Wade who let me crash on his couch when I got snowed in!

I met some really great people in Atlanta. Especially educators, college students, and several young artists and writers looking for guidance in the comic book industry.  I look forward to following up with all of you.  In the future, Peep Game hopes to provide programming that meets the unique needs of these various communities.

All in all, I returned home with a renewed since of purpose and direction for Peep Game Comix and I continue to be grateful to the many creators that have given me their support!