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I know you all are expecting new comics on Wednesdays but I came across all of this interesting content that happens to be connected to comics, so I thought I’d share.

First, Mikel, the creator of Samurai Shin, dropped this jewel in my DM this morning.

It’s his second EP Of 2017: “Samurai Shin – The Saga Begins”, inspired by the title “Wu-Tang – The Saga Continues”. It features underground emcees such as Anonymuz, Vagabond Maurice, Sage, the 64th Wonder, Core Demonstration & More.

I mean, what’s Manga/Anime without Wu-Tang style hip-hop? Check out the playlist and tell me what you think.


I constantly see this video in my Instagram news feed. It’s a short video for Malik Shabazz’s (@shabazzart) new anthology Cyber/Punk/Funk!, which is fully funded btw. My friends and Toledo, Ohio homeboys Chuck and Derrick of The Beetz (@wearethebeetz419) are providing the soundtrack. That’s a good look.


And lastly,
Don’t know why this popped up in my head but do y’all remember this album cover from Organized Konfusion’s Stress Album (1994).  

The cover was painted by the late Matt Reid AKA Matt Doo of Dooable Arts, who later committed suicide. He also designed the cover for Company Flow‘s seminal Funcrusher Plus.


What are your favorite hip hop/comic book collaborations?

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