Hello guys,
This is Imani Lateef, owner of Peep Game Comix. I got 5 items to shoot at you real quick.
1. Black Comix on Fire!
If you haven’t noticed, the Black Comix community is on Fire! You can see this first hand at Peep Game Comix!  In a matter of weeks we went from 50 to 125 comix!  And this week we are jumping to about 165 with the addition of Creative Impulse Entertainment.  Be on the look out for their flag ship title Justice For Hire to premiere this week!
2. Road Trip!
We are taking Peep Game on the road! This September we will be in Detroit at Meccacon 2015, September 18-19. We’ll be giving away coupons, selling EGift Cards, and much more! If you are in the Midwest come to our booth! Special shout out to our friend Crown showing us all kinds of love.
Also, Ohio State’s Sol Con will be making its debut October 2-4!  I got to represent for my Ohio Players! Brought to us by the creators of the Black Comics Arts Festival (John Jennings). More details coming soon!
3. Side note: 
I’m salty I missed The Decatur Book Festival for no other reason than I missed this panel featuring Professor Clint Fluker (a huge Peep Game fan), Baba Dawud Anyabwile (Brother Man), John Jennings (Kid Code) and Michelene Hess (Malice in Ovenland)! Not only are they amazing talents they are all available at Peep Game Comix! (See what I did there?)
4. Reviews!
If you enjoyed your Peep Game purchase or even if you hated it I’d love to hear from you! We are in desperate need of Reviews on the site. So if you have made a recent purchase please give the title(s) a quick review on the page. Even if you read the book elsewhere id love to hear what you thought. Reviews help to make our creators more visible online.
BTW there’s a $3.00 Gift Card in it for you too! For every review you’ll earn $3! Word is bond.
5. What I’m reading:
Peep Game Titles: 

“Jack B: We Ride the Air.” This book is a lot of fun and really imaginative. The title immediately reminds me of the folktale “The People They Could Fly”. “The Sword is My Lady: The Young Gun.” Steampunk swashbuckling action with a taste of humor and its bloody to boot. (You can take a dollar off these two titles using Product Code: steamfunk)

Main stream: 
“We Stand Guard” is a psychological war games thriller with Mechs and not so subtle racial commentary.
“Wolf” by Ales Kot is great and all but why ain’t nobody mention the fact the main character is black. This urban fantasy book reads like a pitch to Denzel Washington.
That’s all I got fam! I’ll holla at you next week!

PS: Happy Labor Day!