We are glad to announce that Peep Game has released the entire Brotherman Catalog with issues 10 and 11. We are so pleased to have Dawud on board. We consider having Brotherman available at Peep Game like having Spider Man or Bat Man; in so many ways this book is the foundation of the modern Black Comic Book age. If you aren’t familiar with his work pick up a few copies. They’re only a Dollar! Matter of fact, if you’re like me the last five issues of Brotherman may be totally new to you! Get familiar!

We’ve also added Glyph Award Winner Jason Reeves!!¬† Jason won the 2014 Glyph “Rising Star” Award”. His One Nation title is off the chain. If you need an idea of how truly awesome this title is pick up the One Nation: Safehouse For FREE (64 Full Color pages all FOR FREE!).

The hits keep coming! I’m happy to announce Christian Hall’s Vasion will soon be added to our list of amazing titles. I’m currently adding issues 1-3 and am anxiously awaiting what else he has in store. If his facebook teasers are any indication, he’s taking this title to a whole new level! Follow him on Facebook HERE.

Christian Hall’s Vasion


Wish List!
If you haven’t noticed the cloud of testarone is thick up in this peace! When need some female creators badly. I’ve reached out to a few but haven’t landed any titles yet. If you happen to know any Black female comic creators please send them our way! Or drop us a line at info@peepgamecomix.com.
Also we’d like to add some more kid-friendly titles. ¬†Titles like Victor Dandridge’s upcoming Wonder Care title would be Awesome.


And finally, if it’s not too much trouble, like a brother on Facebook! Nah Mean!

Thanks in advance guys!