Title: Moses #0
Published By: 20th Place Media
Creator/Writers:  Carlton and Darrick Hargro

The Premise
Carlton and Darrick Hargro, the team behind the Super-Hero comic Nia Griggs; The Kemetic Sisterhood proud to present an all new sci-fi adventure called Moses.  In a world where alien abduction is anything but science fiction, the mysterious woman known as Moses (and the ragtag crew of fighters she leads) is on a mission to rescue humans who have been captured by extraterrestrial forces and get them to safety. Their actions put them at odds with a conspiracy dating back centuries — and spanning the universe.

Creative team:
Illustrated by Juan Baez
Colors by Manuel Avila
Cover by Andre Moore

What we love:
You can’t help seeing the parallels between Moses and the movie Men in Black; a clandestine group of men and women protecting the planet Earth from alien threats; Big, funky looking sci-fi weapons; that awkward conversation when you have to reveal that Aliens aren’t science fiction but they are real.

It’s safe to say that Moses and her crew of mercenary types beat MIB in the wardrobe department. The creative team did an awesome job with the character design for Moses. She reminds me of Frank Miller’s Martha Washington; another globe trotting soldier.

And as far as special gifts go, Moses outshines Will Smith again. Artist, Juan Baez illustrates her abilities in a powerful panel-by-panel illustration on page 11.

For a short, 16 page story, Carlton and Darrick Hargro have created a lot of momentum that will surely lead to a broader storyline full of secrets, action and fast-paced drama.


Moses #0 is available in digital format HERE for only 1.99!