As you all know, Peep Game’s current catalog consists of 67 titles representing close to 30 African American creators and 18 African American owned publishing companies.
We are once again putting out the call for Black independent creators with comic books that may appeal to a primarily urban audience to be a part of our growing family. Especially titles by African American Women and kid-friendly, all ages books.
Peep Game Comix vendors receive 75% of each sale of their title, they retain all rights to their work and are welcome to sell their work on other digital platforms around the web.  For more submission guidelines and terms visit
We hope to reach our goal of 100 books by June 1.  At which point we will no longer take unsolicited submissions.
Praise for Peep Game Comix:
“Peep Game Comix has become an invaluable resource in Terminus Media’s goal of spreading quality comics to existing and future fans. Personally, as a creator and a fan, I’m extremely hyped to know Peep Game Comix exists. Because the comics industry, and potential readers as a whole need an outlet/ distributor like this.”
Robert Jeffrey II
Writer/creator of Route 3
“Peep Game Comix offers a loud and confident flag in the new distribution stream, while also paving an enlightened path for sequential creators of color. Peep game is as much a necessity as it is a wonderful pleasure. “
“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being a part of Peep Game Comix …”
Bill Campbell
Rosarium Publishing