PeepGameComix.com and VixenVarsity.com is proud to announce that they have teamed up to turn February (Black History Month) into one of the hugest promotional events for Indie Black Comicbook creators!

For 28 Days, #BlackComicsMonth will spotlight different African American creators and writers during the month of February. Here and on VixenVarsity.com you’ll find previews and reviews of black comics you might not have heard of and be able to purchase them and learn more by reading interviews about these talented individuals.

Best of all, there will be several small giveaways leading up to a HUGE giveaway package care of VixenVarsity.com!

Peep Game will be offering several eGift Cards, discounts and other goodies the entire month long so look for the #BlackComicsMonth hashtag in your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr news feeds.



Onyxcon: Sankofa

As I announced last week, Peep Game and Onyxcon have joined forces with a special offer to Onyxcon vendors.  Together, they are offering any comic book and/or graphic novel vendor that signs up to vend (paid in full with ONYXCON’s verification) at ONYXCON:SANKOFA between now and Feb. 6, also has the opportunity to become a digital comics vendor on Peepgamecomix.com and receives $25 in store credit on the website.** Check out this post for more details.

Onyxcon: Sankofa also marks the first Comic Con I will be visiting this year.  This trip, and future Black Cons, are crucial to the growth of Peep Game Comix!  I’ll be there selling eGift Cards as well as introducing our digital comics platform to hundreds of black comicbook fans! I can’t wait!



New Releases!

I’ll be entering #BlackComicsMonth with Four new titles!  Three from Rosarium publishing and one from Alverne Ball’s Arion Comics.

Rosarium will be releasing Dayblack #4 by Keef Cross and Michelene Hess’s Malice in Ovenland #2 exclusively on PeepGameComix for the month of February! That’s right, you’ll only be able to purchase these titles digitally via Peep Game and no other platform!!

Week #2 we’ll be premiering Alverne Ball’s Virgin Wolf!  Alverne is the Glyph Award winning author of One Nation (by 133Art).  Alverne really knocks it out of the park with this original, action packed horror title.  Check out this FREE Issue Zero Preview to get familiar!

Week #3, we have a brand new title from Rosarium called EchoGear!  This dark title by South African creator Vincent Sammy has some freaky imagery that mixes Sci-Fi and Horror.


Look for the #BlackComicsMonth hashtag all month long for amazing interviews, previews, discounts, prizes and more!