We are excited to here that Brotherman, the 90’s Black Comix phenomenon, will soon be coming back on the seen with an all new graphic novel; Brotherman: Revelation.

They are currently looking to raise $150,000 via Indiegogo.

Excerpt from the campaign:

The Brotherman Graphic Novel: Revelation tells the long awaited origin of Brotherman…but not simply how he ended up in the suit.  This story delves into his environment, family and his psyche.  Intense, full of action, humor, and heart; this story will set a new bar for books of this kind.

The time is now!  Join us as we create a masterpiece of creativity.

Dawud Anyabwele and his family have been holding down the Black Comix community for over 25 years. We can’t think of another creator more worthy of our support. Please join in helping BCE raise the needed funds to bring this amazing title back to life. There’s 20 Days left!

You can also check out Big City Entertainment’s amazing Brotherman Series RIGHT HERE at Peep Game Comix. Our exclusive Brotherman bundle is a collection of issues 1-6 for only $6!