Book Reviews

Best of 2016: Ice Witch #1 Review

Title: Ice Witch Issue 1 Published By: Lockett Down Productions Creator/Writer: Regine Sawyer Illustrator: Antonio Crespo Our Rating:  9/10 The Premise: Chenoa D’Ken is a woman on a mission. Known by her embittered nickname, ‘Ice Witch’, she will stop at nothing to...

Book of the Week 4/27: DayBlack!

Title: Dayblack Issues 1-4 Published By: Rosarium Publishing Creator/Writer: Keef Cross The Premise: Beneath the polluted clouds of DayBlack, Georgia, a man exists. After hundreds of years of killing to survive, he no longer wants to simply...

Great Quixote Review and random love around the web!

Check out this great review of Deron Bennet's Quixote at Why Sew Nerdy! Here's a snippet: I’m not going to go too much into the plot as to not spoil things but I will say it’s a well done first issue. By that I mean it laid the ground work for more to come while...

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