Comic shops don’t care about Indies

I came across this article by Comix Central: Comic Shops Open Up About How to Get Your Comics on Their Shelves. And it bugged me. These were comic shop owners and managers giving an honest account on why Indies don't succeed in their shops. But something...

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Best of 2016: Ice Witch #1 Review

Title: Ice Witch Issue 1 Published By: Lockett Down Productions Creator/Writer: Regine Sawyer Illustrator: Antonio Crespo Our Rating:  9/10 The Premise: Chenoa D’Ken is a woman on a mission. Known by her embittered nickname, ‘Ice Witch’, she will stop at nothing to...

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Best Black Indie Comics of 2016

Peep Game Comix is thrilled to present our Top 10 Best Sellers of 2016.  You will not find a more talented roster of Black Indie creators anywhere on the web!  Get to know their work by taking 25% off all of these great titles! Now through New Year's Day! (Apply...

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