Title: Ice Witch Issue 1
Published By: Lockett Down Productions
Creator/Writer: Regine Sawyer
Illustrator: Antonio Crespo
Our Rating:  9/10

The Premise: Chenoa D’Ken is a woman on a mission. Known by her embittered nickname, ‘Ice Witch’, she will stop at nothing to get back what is most precious to her…no matter what or who stands in her way!

What we love: It’s simple really.  Chenoa is “The Bride” from Kill Bill endowed with the powers of Elsa from Frozen and this book doesn’t mince any words and goes “balls to the wall” for almost 20 pages.

Antonio choreographs a fight scene that has classic kung fu elements to it as Regine manages to inject just enough of a story plot to keep readers on the hook.

Indie comic book creators take note!  This bare bones story telling is an ingenious way to introduce a brand new character as well as induct new comic book readers to the medium.

No spoilers, but the cliffhanger Regine leaves us on speaks to her ability as a writer to create a character blessed with amazing abilities, strength and power but burdened with blind rage and hubris.  And it’s this quality that has me so intrigued.

When most writers create the famed “strong female lead”, they assume the character works best if they are indestructible (in actions and character).  Regine forgoes this  trope and opts to tell a compelling story.  And we appreciate that so much!

Our Petty Issues:  The dialog in some places could be stronger (stronger not longer).  The cover for this book doesn’t do the work justice!  If this goes to reprint, which I know it will, I hope Regine gives this book the “power pose” treatment a la Storm or the X-Men’s Phoenix.

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Download Ice Witch #1 HERE.